In January 2022, our daughter and her husband announced they were going to be first time parents .  Two months later, one of our sons announced he and his wife were going to be first time parents as well.

They both asked what we wanted to be called.  They hinted they would prefer something other than grandpa and grandma.  I began researching alternate names on the internet and came across Kūkū. 

As defined in the Hawaiian dictionary:

1. n. (Usually pronounced tūtū.) Granny, grandma, grandpa; granduncle, grandaunt; any relative or close friend of grandparent's generation (often said affectionately; apparently a new word as it has not been noted in legends and chants).

At the time, the painting business I was running was part of a franchise system.  In September 2022, our grandson Dylan was born and later that month, my relationship with the franchisor was terminated.  I began thinking about new names for the painting business.  It didn't take long before I decided on Kūkū Painters.  I wanted a unique, fun, memorable name while at the same time, honoring the gift bestowed on us of becoming first time grandparents.

Dylan - Born September 8, 2022

Weston - born December 3, 2022